Valerie Dickson

Facility Manager

With a compassionate heart and over 25 years of caring experience, Valerie is on the top of her game. She has a strong desire to work with the elderly and is dedicated to helping people live full dignified lives. 


Valerie also holds the qualification of being a registered nurse. She is excited to utilize her knowledge and expertise to make a difference to the Rose Garden Rest Home - a caring big family!​

Yalin (Chips) Zhuang

Assistant Manager

With nearly 5 years’ experience as a Residential Care Officer in Rose Garden, Yalin has great people skills with empathy for the elderly, she regards the Residents as her family members. 

Yalin arranges and guides activity staff to organize residents’ daily activities, looks after and guides staff about residents' daily care.  She is a safe and experienced van driver as well. 


As a new workplace assessor, Yalin would like to share her experience and learning with staff to supply more professional care to residents. Enjoy our happy life with residents in Rose Garden Rest Home!

Kathlyn Anne Quito

HCA Team Leader

Kathlyn has great passion and dedication working with vulnerable elderly. She has been working in Rose Garden since 2016 and with her Level 7 qualification gained in NZ and a nursing degree from her country she is able to fully performed her responsibilities in Rose Garden. 


She has a positive outlook on what’s she doing in which she also shared to other members of the team. Her main focus now is to help managing the staff towards quality care and betterment of services.