Medical services in our rest home


  • A doctor attends regularly and the cost of the doctor’s visits is included in the fee for subsidized residents. Should, however, the Resident prefer his or her own doctor, then extra costs shall be met by the Resident directly. If the Resident retains his or her own doctor, then that doctor should be prepared to attend in the case of an emergency.

  • Our General practitioner visits regularly and, if the GP approves, you will be seen at least every three months but more often when required.

  • After hour’s emergency happens, the residents will be assessed by on call registered nurse, white cross or ambulance call will be made by house on call registered nurse decision. To join membership of St John is very highly recommended.

  • If relatives have something to discuss regarding the care of their family member please arrange an appointment through the registered nurse or manager, a family meeting will be arranged.



The nursing care is overseen by our Registered Nurse who is qualified and has extensive experience. She/he coordinates the holistic care of the resident between all parties. Registered nurse and clinical manager are sharing on call after hours all the time, come to the site as necessary during after-hours.


Resident’s medication is strictly monitored to ensure that medication is dispensed safely and correctly. Pharmacy packed to ensure safety as much as possible.  A photo of the Resident (with permission) for easy identification is placed in the Medication file also to promote safety. Any Medication requirements can be discussed with nursing staff on admission. All Medications are controlled by well trained and experienced nursing staff and kept to a minimum through consultation with our doctors and pharmacist.