Specialised Dementia Care Unit

All our staff working in Dementia Unit are well trained, they must pass comprehensive test and competencies and orientation with our senior staff before working in the dementia unit to make sure all the staff able to provide high standard care to all of dementia residents to meet their individual needs.

The trainings for all staff working in dementia unit includes: personal care, effective communication, minimisation of restraint, and challenge behaviour management etc.

Each dementia residents are assessed properly by our registered nurse, and based on their individual behaviours to have their individual care plan, to meet their different needs.

As mentioned in our residents handbook, staff are very willing to assist you in any way and often this may be in relation to information about the condition (and behaviours related to the condition) that your family member/friend may have.

We have available video you may borrow that covers many aspects, including:

  • Types of dementia and their effects

  • Management of behaviours

  • Caring for the carer

Please ask our registered nurse or manager if you wish to borrow above documents.

Visiting The Person with Dementia

In order to make visiting times as “ comfortable” as possible for visitors we believe it is necessary for visitors to understand a little about dementia. We have available information about the following are brief notes which may ease otherwise potentially awkward situations, please ask RN or manager for those information.


Understanding Dementia

Dementia is caused by a physical change in brain structure.

Dementia Types
  • Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Alcohol-related Dementia

  • Multi-infarct Dementia (a series of small strokes)


Dementia causes a decline in a person’s ability to : remember, think and reason. People with dementia are unable to cope with the usual visiting mode. The visitor needs to take the initiative for successful communication. Communication with others is a basic human need. Visiting the person with dementia is a challenge to communicate in ways appropriated to the person’s diminishing abilities. Visting is for nourishing love and relationships.