Love & Care

We go the extra mile to make our residents feel warm and comfortable - just like at home

We are certified and staffed appropriately as per legislation and good practice guidelines relevant to the level of care we are certified for.


In the case of illness while living here, we will seek assistance and advice from a doctor. If the illness is beyond our capabilities and facilities then we will discuss with the resident's representative about making alternative arrangements appropriate to the resident's needs. 

Rest Home Care

We are certified to provide residents who are assessed as needing this level of care level care. People who have been assessed by GP and NASC (Needs Assessment and Service Co-ordination Service) that it is not possible for them to be accommodated and look after by themselves anymore.

We cater for short term care and permanent care of privately paying, subsidized clients.


We also cater forsubsidized client who are below 65 years old and boarding service for private paying resident.


Respite Care

Subsidised Respite Care below 65 Years Old

We are able to provide rest home level care for residents below 65 years old who are approved by: 


  • Need assessor/Northable for disability resident 

  • ACC for injury related resident


Boarding Services

for private paying client

We also provide boarding service for residents who are not eligible for rest home level care but need a short term or long term boarding service just like the retirement village. We provide the same service as our rest home level care resident except the medication requirements. No initial cost and just pay as you stay. 

Please contact the management to discuss your needs.


We also recognize that most people experience some very difficult emotions when they first place their loved one in a facility. Some feel guilty because they have had to give up the unequal struggle of continuing to manage at home. Others have a feeling of relief - but then feel guilty that they feel relieved. Others again feel a great sense of loss. All these feelings are quite normal, but sometimes it is helpful to talk about them. Please feel free to do so if you wish, and contact the Registered nurse or the manager. 

Counselling for Carers