Rose Garden Rest Home is a rest home level care facility, can receive residents assessed under rest home level care by NASC (needs assessment service team in Whangarei hospital). Our resident’s mobility ranges from those requiring all of their cares completed to those who are very mobile and able to complete most of their cares themselves.


Prospective residents, along with their relatives or carers and other support persons are welcome to view Rose Garden Rest Home prior to admission and meet with the Clinical Manager (by appointment) to discuss any specific needs and health-cares of the prospective resident and receive support to make the transition into a Rest Home as stress free as possible.


Rose Garden Rest Home level care is set “family style” living in beautiful rose gardens, It is bordered by native bush complete with birdlife. There are our separate lodges, each with their own dining room and lounge. Lodges 1, 2 and 3 are joined by corridors.


All the rooms are all single with heaters, and they are newly renovated and near to toilets and bathrooms which are new too. All the rooms have call bells, wardrobes, bedside lighting and pleasant furniture. Residents are encouraged to personalize their rooms to bring with them favourite furniture, pictures and photographs, it helps them the settle in the facility easier and quicker. We also encourage residents to socialise and offer a range of activities for this to occur throughout the facility. 


It is to provide safe and therapeutic care for our residents. We will do this in a therapeutic environment which is spacious and has attractive wide views including into peaceful native bush. Each resident has a large bedroom so they are able to bring with them personal belongings/ furniture so assisting them to create their “new home.”


By providing indoor and outdoor areas that are safe the resident may wander at will whilst still being under close supervision of supportive staff.

Cameras and movement sensor in situation assist staff to maintain supervision without intruding in the residents activities unnecessarily whilst minimising the risks associated with their ‘confused’ states.


Family/whanua are welcome, accepted and respected for the role they play in the life of the resident.


All staff hold qualifications in the care of the person suffering from dementia or are in the process of undertaking such qualifications. They receive ongoing education with the emphasis being on supporting the resident to retain skills and as much independence as possible for as long as possible, and to know how to minimise/manage situations which may cause the resident/s to become unsettled or agitated.


Admissions are from hospital, other care facilities or the community. Visitors are welcomed at any time through the day or evening.

Values & Beliefs 

Every Resident is an individual with different needs in relation to ethnicity, spirituality, gender, sexual orientation, social status and age. Where possible Rose Garden Rest Home aims to meet these individual needs and incorporate them into daily routine without compromising the comfort and safety of other residents and staff.

Religious and value beliefs are identified and recorded in care-plans on admission.

Applied professionals 

Key health professionals that visit our facility regularly or as required are:

  • Resident Doctor: Tui Medical Center

  • Podiatrist: Jennifer Griffin

  • Phlebotomist: Northland Pathology Laboratory, Home Collect Thursday

  • Pharmacist: Orrs Packaging Kowhai

  • Resident’s GP and Community Health Nurses

  • POPS Team & Services for Older People from Northland District Health Board

  • Alzheimer association Whangarei

Community Resources 

The following community support groups are just an example of many that are available and may be of interest to you – either access privately or through the Office.

Health and Disability Services

  • Katherine Hooper 0800 2787 7678

  • Central Office - 0800 112 233

  • Age Concern - 438 8043

  • Senior Citizens - 438 4962

  • R SA - 438 3792

  • Alzheimer Association - 438 7771


We would like to inform you for any of our concerns of the residents, but Please feel free to ask the manager or Alzheimer Association if has any questions.

See manager to contact any of the following Support/Interest Groups:

  • Salvation Army Companion Club

  • Stroke Club

  • Alzheimer’s Society

  • Forget Me Not

  • Hospice

  • Asthma Society

  • Individual Church Groups

  • Blind Foundation