We go the extra mile to make our residents feel warm and comfortable - just like at home

Life in Rose Garden 

Rose Garden Rest Home level care is set "Family Style" living in beautiful rose gardens. It is bordered by native bush complete with birdlife. 

Separate lodges, each with their own dining room and lounge

Easy access to facilities and community spaces

Individualized care is provided for older people who need support and love

Counselling for carers

Range of care options

Range of daily activities


We receive residents assessed under rest home level care by NASC (needs assessment Service team in Whangarei hospital). Our resident's mobility ranges from those requiring all of their cares completed to those who are very mobile and able to complete most of their cares themselves. 


Meet our team

We have a team of experienced professionals dedicated to continuously improving the quality of life of residents.

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Our activities.

We keep thinking & incorporating new elements to bring more joy when having activity with residents.


Year collections

Check out our sweet memories in one place. We have recorded every precious moment.